Invest in Your Craft; Divest in Racism

I do not actively pay taxes. Yes, sometimes I end up with a tax bill, but I do everything I can to minimize it. Why? Because the American system is racist and I refuse to fund a system that does not support me and actively attempts to destroy me. Paying your taxes supports white supremacy.

A few days ago, my sister and I were discussing my Grandfather, who is a World War II veteran. Among the many stories we know of his service, one involved the Black soldiers protesting their inhumane treatment while servicing this disgraceful country (the United States of America) in Germany. His infantry actually had to get together and stump on tables to protest the white soldiers’ disgusting, evil actions against the Black soldiers; all while fighting a foreign enemy, in Germany, and dealing with the stressors of war.

Additionally, when my Grandfather returned home, the government he fought for didn’t gift him the luxuries he served for. So, this is why I don’t hesitate to not pay taxes. The American government uses taxes to pay police officers that are racist and will jail you at best, kill you at worst. The American government used taxes paid by your Black, familial predecessors to exclude “African Americans”* from education. (You should never have to fight to get an education based on your skin hue. Just saying that is ridiculous and anyone that believes that should automatically be dismissed.)

Anyway, one way I minimize my tax bill is that I started a business. If you have a job in which your employer takes out taxes, you can offset those taxes by starting a business. The majority of American businesses do not turn a profit (including Uber), and gingerly wait around until tax time to “profit”, or in the case of the tech industry, get monetary infusions from other white and asian venture capitalist friends that give to them because they are also white or asian led.

American society generally touts that those that start and run businesses are geniuses; they are not. They are people slick with money and tiptoeing around the edges of intricate tax laws.

So, by starting a business you can use the amount you invest in your business to offset the amount of taxes you have to pay based on your “regular” job income. If you have an interest in something, are not planning to leave your day job within the next 5 years or so; do your hobby, and file taxes in regards to how much you invest in it. I would suggest sole proprietorship, but of course, follow up with a tax professional. I am not one.  I do my own taxes and I am good at doing them. If you have questions, you can contact me directly and I can attempt to explain, but the idea is to get your tax bill down to zero by investing in your craft, hobby and/or passion.

* I have not addressed my use of the term African American, but hopefully will in the future. But for now, it denotes Black-skinned people in America whose ancestors were enslaved.