Eunice Coleman Cobbs Reparations Project Fund

The first privately funded “reparations” monies for descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States.

(Reparations is in quotation marks because this fund was created to support African American familial history research and in no way supersedes, forfeits, replaces, etc., reparations that need to come from the United States government.)

The goal is to develop tangible documents to prove your relation as a descendant of an enslaved individual.

At the local, state, and federal levels, quintillions of dollars have been “spent” to “help” African Americans (AAs). However, this is a smoke screen. These funds have been used to line other people’s pockets and keep AAs in subservient roles. If all of the money spent on “social programs” would have been given directly to African American descendants of slaves and not funneled through white supremacists structures, there would be a more even playing field. Because white supremacy knows this, and does not want you to have money.

Because racism is an illogical, learned, taught, and accepted behavior, it can NEVER be solved by “social programs” and “holding people accountable.” The people administering these programs don’t care about AAs.

Enter: CASH MONEY. Money is the great equalizer, and African Americans need to start advocating for cash in hand for their individual families, not blanket sums of money to do-nothing organizations that just want to stay in business and never address the underlining foundation of it all: RACISM.

Each participants may receive up to $250 for completed family tree.

Project Requirements:

  1. Be African American
  2. Complete and submit a family tree using the template that will be provided
  3. Once you have completed your family tree, write a letter of support that will be digitized and archived for future use to show your support for reparations

Please contact [email protected] for more information and to participate.