Genealogical Information for African Descendants of American Slavery


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What are Reparations?

[ rep-uhrey-shuhn ] – the making of amends for wrong or injury done.

The “African American” experience in America has been wrought with injurious injustice. This is not a debate. Nothing will erase the past horrors of slavery and its fall out.

Why Reparations?

This website is not to explain why reparations are necessary; any intelligent person understands that monetary reparations to the descendants of African slaves in the United States is mandatory. This site is to provide information to individuals that wish to trace lineage in preparation for reparations from the US Government.

The Reparations Librarian

The Reparations Librarian (RLib) and the Reparations Library is dedicated to the monetary reparations of Black American descendants of slavery. As an information scientist and a public librarian, I wish to provide the tools for the children, grandchild, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren of slaves to trace their lineage.

This is not a “race debate” site; many books have been written. Highlighted book lists or readers advisory lists will be available.

Please note: the terms Reparations Library and Reparations Librarian are trademarked.